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OGA/KBS Family,

Our continuous enrollment School-Year 2020-21 gymnastics/tumbling program is now in session.   

We have opened our recreational classes, ages 18-36 mos. and 3 yrs. and older, for the school-year.

                What’s new:

             Schedule – On August 3rd, our competitive teams began their school-year schedule.  Recreational students began August 31st. 

             Locations – All competitive level workouts will happen in the South Gym (OGA).  All recreational classes will happen in the North Gym (KBS).  We’ve moved some equipment into KBS in order to accommodate the skill level.  

             Procedures  -

  1. Drop off. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your child’s class. Your child will not be allowed in the gym until the start of their class.  This ensures we avoid contact between arriving and departing children.  Recreational gymnasts may enter KBS thru the lobby with one (1) parent, without siblings.  Parents with siblings will have gymnast enter through the north gym door straight from the parking lot, rather than use the lobby.   One parent is permitted to remain in lobby to view classes without siblings.  Social distancing is mandatory and masks are encouraged.
  2. Parents must have approved the latest policies, procedures and waivers on the Customer Portal.
  3. Gymnasts must bring their own water bottles. Drinking fountains are off limits.
  4. We strongly discourage use of bathrooms during 1-hour classes. If your child must use the restroom, we will show them how to disinfect it afterward. 
  5. Pick up. Class will be dismissed thru the north door.  Instructors will ensure each child has a ride before they go back in the gym to sanitize for the next class. 

             Registration – You can now register thru the Customer Portal for recreational gymnastics classes.  If you run into trouble or confusion, just give us a call at 402-339-2924/402-339-4009 or email omahagymnastics@gmail.com/kidsgymswim@gmail.com.

                What’s the same:

             Our respect for your safety and well-being. 

             Our trust in you.  If your child is sick, we trust that you’ll stay home for everyone’s protection until it’s safe for them to come back.   

             Our desire is to teach life-lessons to your children thru the sport of gymnastics. 

             As always, you can call or email us with any questions you have.  Thank you for your continued support during our closure.  We are excited to be back to gymnastics.  We hope everyone is safe, healthy, and happy.  We’ve missed you.


  • Very Respectfully,
    • Coach Jake